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Work in progress

27 Aug

I’m updating this website thing slowly but surely, and maybe a little out of order too, publishing the skeleton and incomplete/old pages, with the plan of fixing it all later. Pardon all the broken links!

New home, new hosts

16 Aug

I just moved to a new town in Michigan, and it is all quite exciting! Meeting new people, setting up a new house with my friend Dave, and getting to see this great new city! Right now, I am adding information about all my old pieces as blog posts, trying out generating content in this very different wordpress format. Hope it works nicely!

Finally started with WordPress…

3 Jul

So, I’ve given in to peer pressure (or finally gotten on board with a good idea) and am trying out this WordPress thing.  Hopefully this will be a good move. 😉

Over the next two weeks (while my free trial lasts) this should change in look as frequently as I can manage.  Let me know what you think!