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heavy and unfinished

17 Aug

This past summer, I went down to Branson, Missouri to play with my friend Larkin Sanders and her Taneycomo Festival Orchestra. I wrote a new viola trio for the festival, to perform with my two friends Kyla Witt and Amanda Smith, and my, oh my, what a good time it was! Here is a bit about the piece:

For weeks, the piece was titled Triola (blame Kyle Frost for that cleverness and obvious name for all viola trios forever), but now, that is the name of our ensemble that premiered it. To me, violas can be very deep and raw, and that was part of the sound I was trying to explore with this piece. When working on a new piece, normally I have some idea, or overarching concept in mind before I really begin writing notes, but for this, some of the notes came first. I wanted to use a little bit of Jazz/Rock language, and take advantage of three layers of awesome viola harmonics (I mean to say that viola harmonics are awesome, not that my choices were necessarily the best, but I like my choices too). I kind of made the piece from there, and then finished before really coming up with anything more of a concept. With the help of new friends in Branson and at home, and a little deeper thought, I decided on this title. Expect a video soon!