8 Sep

“But in real life, I never had a focus.”
“Steh (like stay, but a little different in German) while I try to drive you home.”

These are the two lines I used to sing in the shower, to the two main melodies in this string quartet. Two characters speak. One has no motivation to get out of their rut, so inebriated with the idea they have failed that they give up and lament the times when they had a chance. The other character is trying to convince the other that they are just stuck in a dream and are being silly, trying to help them get back to a more reasonable perspective. I find myself often fluctuating between these two poles of detachment: going within so far that I fail to recognize how I was ever attached to anyone, and reaching out so far that I focus on others without ever sharing myself.

So, I wanted to make a recording project about this, including more text and a post-rock band arrangement, but I dumped it into a string quartet I did with my friends in the spring of 2005. I changed the end after the premiere in 2005, using audio-filters and speed effects to generate changes in timbre. In this updated version, we try to reproduce acoustically the modifications I previously made electronically.

focusv2c – score

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