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Human Language

8 Sep

A Human Language

This piece was partly about my slow acceptance of atonal music early in my undergrad. This PD patch generates tones at random frequencies within a specified set, the user also haveing control over the frequency and volume of their occurence.
Its second function is slicing up and sequencing an audio input which can be looped. The audio slicer will cut up conversation of the listening audience in a way that will render it recognizable as speech, but unintelligible as language. To me, this was what anything but the most tonally clear music was up my new education in college. So, in this I’m trying to draw the comparison of atonal music to the untrained ear to idle conversation to someone who doesn’t understand English.

For the piece, I control the recording, volume and frequency of occurence with a keyboard controller, so while the specific notes and rhythms are randomly generated by the computer, I have full control over the general direction of the piece.