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Back To New York

8 Sep

Back to New York

This started as an old viola quartet with piano that I wrote years ago as a recording project about a friend.  This adaptation includes text about a person I met a couple of times in different dreams in a strange period of my dreaming life.  I kept meeting people, having completely regular interactions, small talk, learning their names and where they were from.  The character I describe in the text is one of those people – one that reminds me of the friend the quartet was originally about.

I ran into the dream character a number of times:  commiserating on a bus on the way to a conference in New York, painting in a cave offshoot of a basement of an abandoned dormitory cafeteria, at a punk show in Detroit…. After a music conference she presented at in New York, she showed me the beautiful ruins of an old pool in the main student union.  I recognized the pool as the one that used to be the end of a gauntlet in a recurring dream I had as a child, and she revealed to me that she used to be the monster at the bottom of the then-murky pool.  Strange stuff.


24 Jul

2006 – electroacoustic

This is an electronic piece using a single sample from MSU’s BBC sound effects library of a man yelling something like “whatho!” Using Soundfont in my Cakewalk sequencer, I tried to interpret my friend’s poem titled “As the dawn advances…” The text is as follows:

Bringing brilliance to the earth,
The sun awakens animation in spring.
The sound of the sinuous water,
A gentle, resonating voice,
Harmonizing with the birds,
Who play on tufts of wind.

A gentle caress to the cheek,
Or a demanding push to the back,
The wind is a sentient being,
That rustles the leaves,
Who follow a mystifying beat,
Like a chorus in an unwritten symphony.

Peals of blissful laughter,
On the lips of the fresh unborn,
Ring true through the dawning of days,
And fade on the cool, tranquil nights.
Bringing serenity to the earth,
The moon brings a respite in the spring.

— Connie Huh

The original plan was to compose a tonal interpretation of the poem and combine “dawn1” and “dawn2” into “dawn3,” which would be a piece for guitar, non-lyrical vocals and computer.